Sep 172010

Some quick notes in the passing calm before the storm:

For any of those interested in joining our site’s NHL 2010-11 Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey league, please email me asap and I’ll get you the info you’ll need to sign up.  Invites were sent out yesterday to all those involved in last year’s league but we are filling the league on a first-come first-serve basis.

Entry into the league is free.  First-prize to our league winner this season will be two tickets to a 2011-12 Blackhawk home game (and not SRO seating).  Since I’ll be competing in the league as well, should I win (and considering my performance in this league last season, the odds tread somewhere far below overwhelming) the prize will go to the second-place finisher.

We limit the leagues to 10 teams.  We run live drafts (or you can pre-rank your draft sheet and have Yahoo! select your team for you) and head-to-head weekly matchups with standard scoring and a 6-team playoff format.  It looks like we’ll be running two leagues so there will be spots available even if we see a full-return of last year’s players.

First-time players are welcome but we caution you to consider for everyone’s enjoyment of the league, that we want serious players only.  Managing a team in fantasy hockey isn’t as complicated as baseball.  It’s about as simple as football since you can login to your account and in just a few minutes set your lineups for an entire week if you so choose.  Scoring is charted weekly from Monday through Sunday.

So, if you’re interested or would like more information, or you were in last year’s league and didn’t receive and invite from me for some reason, email me asap at and I’ll get that out to you.  Due to my hectic schedule it does not appear like we’ll be able to attempt another live draft party this year.


We’ve received a lot of great feedback on the past month or so of TTMI~Radio shows.  Our ‘lost’ 50th episode with player-agent Scott Norton, which would have been one of our better shows were it not for the layers of audio problems that night, will remain lost in audio form for the time being as I’ve had no success restoring it to a reasonably listenable level.  I will, however, finally have the time this weekend to transcribe the interview and post Norton’s interview here on the site.  Excerpts will first be available here on Saturday.  Scott gave us a lot of great insight into the business of hockey, social media and the road ahead for the NHLPA.  He also dropped some interesting info on the negotiations for his client and now-ex Chicago prospect Billy Sweatt this summer with the Canucks, Maple Leafs and originally the Blackhawks. 

A note on the upcoming schedule for TheThirdManIn~Radio:

Our next two shows will be this coming Monday, September 20th @ 8pm central and then again the following Monday, September 27th at the same time.

Starting on October 5th, our regular weekly show moves to Tuesday nights @ 8pm and will remain there through the end of November.

At that point, due to the Blackhawks having Monday’s essentially clear aside from two late starts out West, TTMI~Radio will return to Monday nights through the end of January when the Hawks’ schedule gets cluttered and our show most-likely will begin to bounce around week-to-week.

The current plan is to run more than one show a week, but not tape as long.  As many people have noted to me, such as in my most-recent appearance on the HockeeNight PuckCast, anything much-longer than an hour is too long.  As you’ve probably noticed, our guest list is expanding and we’ll also be doing more special interviews, email bag shows and breaking-news audio when necessary.

The feedback I’ve received on recent shows with John from the Fifth Feather, the LA Kings writer at and our tremendous hour-long interview with former Blackhawk Steve Ludzik has been outstanding and we hope to continue to bring you more of the same.  I’ll discuss some of the feedback further on Monday’s podcast. Continue reading »