Dec 212010

Mr Big Himself

By Rich Lindbloom 

Back when football was football and they didn’t cry about the field conditions or weather, George Halas was asked the question in the title of this dissertation. My disdain for the men in the black and white stripes could probably be traced to this moment. After the Bears were called for a 10 yard holding penalty and a 10 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, Papa Bear hollered out to the zebra in charge, “You Stink!” The ref proceeded to walk off another ten yards then hollered over to Halas, “How do I smell from here?”

Tell me Hawk fans, after 35 games this year, how are the olfactory nerves perceiving the scent emanating from the 2010/11 Blackhawks? I’m not talking about their equipment bags – truly one of the grossest smells known to man. Any parent who has driven their children home after a hockey game knows exactly what I‘m talking about.  The smell actually hurts the nerve endings in the nose. No, I’m talking about rating the Hawks play this year, on a scale of 1-10, on the stink-o-meter. Are you beginning to think things are starting to smell like a bed of roses after the pummeling’s administered to the Wings and the Kings? Or is the foul odor of last Monday’s Avalanche disaster still lingering like a silent, but deadly, emission of flatulence. You know what I’m talking about – one of those ones where you immediately recognize you need to leave the room. Continue reading »