Jan 122011

There is no Dark Side of the Blackhawks 

By Rich Lindbloom

Last Saturday I sat down to catch up on my BSF study that was placed on the backburner for the last three weeks. (After all these years, I’m still cramming the night before the test.) Were almost through the first 39 chapters of Isaiah – not exactly a stroll in the park. As I began to ponder the questions on my worksheet, a vivid splash of color mysteriously appeared on the living room floor. The best way to describe it I guess would be to say it looked like a rainbow that Picasso would have painted – the colors were intense purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Trying to focus on the matter at hand was proving to be an exercise in futility. Not only were my eyes transfixed, my mind began racing with numerous ways to contrast the Hawks current state of affairs, with the splash of color. I seriously wondered if Satan was trying to keep me from my study or God was just rewarding me with a beautiful bouquet for my inquiries into His word.

I quickly traced the source of the splendid splash to a Christmas ornament hanging in the mudroom window that contained a prism, some 40 feet away. As I continued to observe this uninvited, highly entertaining guest, I noticed the size of the splash would change from about 18 square inches to 4 square inches.  I felt like I was at a private art exhibit.

Ok, I know, you’re all thinking Lindbloom’s been flying over the cuckoo’s nest again. Yet, as I pondered the recurring “rebellion – judgment- salvation – restoration” message contained in Isaiah, I also found myself scribbling little notes to the side that would become this article. You see, in my glass is “half full” world, there have been plenty of splashes of light  from our beloved warriors that bear the Indian Head. Heck, Sunday’s game against the upstart Islanders,  was a veritable Aurora Borealis! Continue reading »