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Those who subscribe, or regularly purchase The Committed Indian may recall last week Sam Fels mention the Blackhawks record when Brian Campbell leads the team in ice time.  Since we’ve been doing a bunch of statistical analysis of late, we decided to look up the exact numbers across the board.  Sam mentioned Campbell’s exact number in Wednesday’s Indian, but here we have everything and in some detail.

A few of you may have seen the original post for this last Wednesday before our site upgrade and software updates went awry and we went down for approximately 45 hours.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed we did lose just about everything.  But anyway…

Here are the full and updated stats for Blackhawks Time-On-Ice leaders, and team records when those players are leading the team individually in ice time.

Just three Blackhawks thus far have led the Blackhawks in ice time in a single game.  Unsurprisingly, all three are defenseman.  Being that Duncan Keith leads the team in total and average TOI and is second in the league overall to San Jose’s Dan Boyle, it should come as no surprise that Keith has led the Hawks in total time on ice in 33 of the team’s initial 47 games this season.

The only two other Hawks to hold that distinction thus far are Brian Campbell (8 times) and Brent Seabrook (6x).  Where this stat becomes interesting though is when we look at the Blackhawks’ record when these three log the most minutes.

To explain, we prefer the AHL’s recordkeeping so the figures below are as follows: Wins – Losses – OTL – SOL.  Let’s keep in mind the Blackhawks’ record after 47 games is 25-18-2-2.

*Blackhawks’ record when __________ leads the team in Ice Time.

Duncan Keith:  14-15-2-2  [ 2g, 17a, -4, 28:13 ]

Brian Campbell:  7-1-0-0   [ 0g, 4a, +10, 24:45 ]

Brent Seabrook:  4-2-0-0   [ 1g, 1a, -1, 24:58 ]

*Blackhawks’ record when __________ finishes in the Top 3 in total Time on Ice.

Duncan Keith:  25-16-2-2

Brent Seabrook:  22-16-2-2

Brian Campbell:  15-8-1-1   [ 1g, 13a, +19, 24:05 ]

Jonathan Toews:  4-7-1-1   [ 2g, 4a, -3, 22:44 ]

Marian Hossa:  3-2-0-0

Nick Boynton:  3-1-0-0  [last happened Oct 22nd]

Patrick Sharp:  2-1-0-0

Patrick Kane:  0-2-0-0

Niklas Hjalmarsson:  1-0-0-0

Troy Brouwer:  0-1-0-0

*Blackhawks record when ____________ is Top 5-TOI in a single game

Duncan Keith:  25-16-2-2

Brent Seabrook:  25-18-2-2

Brian Campbell:  18-10-1-1

Patrick Sharp:  10-7-1-1

Jonathan Toews:  17-13-1-1

Niklas Hjalmarsson:  10-3-2-2

Troy Brouwer:  0-1-0-0

Nick Leddy:  0-1-0-0

Jassen Cullimore:  1-0-0-0

Nick Boynton:  5-4-0-0

Dave Bolland:  3-2-0-0

Marian Hossa:  7-7-1-0

Tomas Kopecky:  4-1-0-0

Patrick Kane:  0-7-0-1

That last row right there begs for some accountability in Patrick Kane’s game.  Those contests: Loss 4-7 vs EDM (10/29), 2-3 @NYR (11/1), 1-2 EDM (11/7), 1-2  PHX (11/10), 3-4/SO @NSH (11/13), 2-7 @CGY (11/19), 2-5 @ SJS (11/24), 1-2 @ ANA (1/2).

In those eight games, Kane had two points (both goals) and was a minus-7.  In those eight games, Kane averaged 3:31 in ice time on the power play – per game.

It goes without saying, but it bears repeating, when we look back at the regular season; if the difference between home ice in the first round, or making the playoffs or not, comes down to a few games you can point to those eight games right there and Kane is a main culprit.  The team was without Marian Hossa in some of those, but many would argue the team has been without Hossa since game number seven.

By the way, since we’re keeping tally – Hossa’s first 7 games of ’10-11 – 7 goals, 4 assists.  Since then, 25 games, 3 goals and 11 assists.

Kane has skated 19 or more minutes 21 times and has accumulated 5 goals and 9 assists in those games.  In contrast to those numbers, in the 17 (really its 16 given the game he was injured on 12/5 vs CGY he played less than thirty seconds) games he’s skated less than 19 minutes, Kane has posted 8 goals and 13 assists.

Why does Kane produce more the less he plays?  I don’t know.  Maybe someone should ask him.

*Some more detail behind Duncan Keith’s Time On Ice numbers:

The two times Keith hasn’t cracked the Top 5 in TOI were losses to Phoenix (11/10) and at San Jose (11/24).  The 2-1 loss to the Coyotes was the low-point of Keith’s season as he was benched for a period during that game after two terrible turnovers.  The coach was in a period of distributing players’ minutes more evenly in response to the ugly 7-2 loss at Calgary on Nov 19 and thus Keith saw a season-low 18:20 in a 5-2 loss at HP Pavilion the night before Thanksgiving.

In games that Keith eats 28 minutes or more, the team is 6-7-1-1.

After 47 games Duncan Keith is averaging 26:41 in TOI per game.  When Keith goes over that average, Chicago’s record is 10-12-2-1.  In those 25 games Keith has played more than 26:41, his plus/minus rating is minus-12.

Thus, when Joel Quenneville keeps Keith under his current season average, the Blackhawks have a record of 15-6-0-1.  And in those 22 contests, Keith skated at a plus-9 rating.

The simple fact is he’s overextended.  The more Keith plays, the worse off the Blackhawks are.

What’s interesting to note about Keith, however, is fatigue is of little factor in regards to the missed attempts/attempts blocked numbers we detailed here a few weeks back.

His attempts On-Goal % is still, by far, the worst on the team at 35%.  Up from 34% percent in totals from nine games back.  In the 25 games Keith has skated over his TOI average, 66% of his shots are missing the net or getting blocked as opposed to 64% when he’s under his 26:41 TOI season average.

*For those wanting clarity on the Campbell numbers….

In regard to the team’s record when he leads the way in ice time, the lone loss came in the above-mentioned November 10th loss to Phoenix (1-2) at United Center.  Also the night Keith was benched for poor play.  It was also Campbell’s 5th game back after returning from the sprained knee he suffered in training camp.

In those eight games Campbell averaged 24:45 in total ice time; 1:43 on PP, 1:36 with PK and 21:26 at even strength.  He also blocked 15 shots and was credited with eight hits. 

There is a fascinating angle to that record in looking at Campbell’s giveaway totals in those games as compared to the rest of his season.

In the eight games (7-1-0-0) he’s led the team in ice time, Campbell committed 11 giveaways (1.38 per game), according to official league data.  In his other 26 games, Campbell has committed just 14 giveaways (0.54 per game).

“the eight”

11/10 vs PHX, Loss 1-2
12/08 vs DAL, Win 5-3
12/17 vs DET, Win 4-1
12/19 vs LAK, Win 3-2
12/22 vs NSH, Win 4-1
12/26 vs CBJ, Win 4-1
01/07 vs OTT, Win 3-2, SO
01/16 vs NSH, Win 6-3 (on ice for both PP-GA; All 4 Hawks 3
rd per GF)

*To be clear, in no way are we suggesting Campbell should lead the way in ice time every night under any circumstance.  These are numbers and numbers alone.  Take them for what they’re worth.  In some cases, I think you can see a lot.  Others, not so much.  Keith and Seabrook will, and should, continue to draw the opposition’s top offensive lines that the Campbell/Hjalmarsson pair should see less frequently.  When the Hawks’ top line is drawing the checking line, that’s typically where Campbell’s puckhandling skills come into play.

What we can conclude here is when Toews and Keith are pushed beyond their usual limits, it does hurt the team.

With the Western Conference playoff race only just heating up, these circumstances will become more frequent unless the general manager gives his coaching staff better options than those they’ve already been given.


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  1. I’m glad someone broke these numbers down. In regards to Kane’s inflated minutes….Save for the Anaheim game at the beginning of this month, it’s interesting that every other game where he was top 5 came in a one month stretch.

    To me, it speaks to the larger issue that this team had at the beginning of the season and that was a lack of a legitimate 4th line. Just having three guys who can chew up an extra 3 to 4 minutes of ice time makes a huge difference in the long run.

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