Mar 232011

On this week’s edition of TheThirdManIn~Radio we’re joined by regular contributor, the flamboyant Dieter Kurtenbach (@DKurtenbach for you Twitter kids) who was coming to us direct from Sin City on his #ZestyLiving 2011 ~Tour.

I must hand it to Dieter, by 6pm in Las Vegas I’m in a speedo floating face up in the adult pool.

Over the course of the hour and a half, we chattered a bevvy of topics including but not limited to…..

– The Marcus Kruger invasion. What it means & what to expect
– General optimism and praise for the GM on this move
– Why Kruger’s SEL #’s are a bit deceiving
– Patrick Sharp out 2-3 weeks. Sigh of relief, or no
– Someone does a turnabout on Chris Campoli and someone not so much
– Corey Crawford’s gas tank
– Statistical look at the last month
– Telling ‘Hawks stats involving Hossa, Seabrook, PK, PP & more
– Which three players have been on the ice for all 4 SHG-against this year
– Too many men on the ice
– Crawford’s stand in back-to-backs
– Skille’s back….
– What he’s up to now in FLA
– What to do with Frolik
– Who slides in on top line
– What Kruger move says about Rockford crop
– Winning face offs
– A rant on Blackhawks fans making fools of fan base in Glendale
– Other fan bases who can’t get enough of themselves on the road
– Even more fools
– Sick of Coyotes fans whining
– Gary Bettman: Smartest man in the room
– Should Coyotes stick, how another team relocating to the Peg may impact CHI
– Blues For Sale
– Playing a man down in Dallas
– 3-point Game tweak would tighten standings
– All this and so much more…. including the abrubt surprise ending followed by ten minutes of nothing.  Second-best segment of the show right there.

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Mar 232011

By Rich Lindbloom

At first glance one might think that’s a picture of Jonathan Toews destroying a locker after a “heartbreaking” loss to Dallas last week. If you look a little closer though, you’ll recognize a young Pete Townsend taking some angst out on his H Watt amplifiers. One can only imagine what Keith Moon is doing to his drum set at this point. So what the hell does this have to do with Chicago – Blackhawk – Hockey?

Stop whatever you’re doing right now and list your three all time favorite concerts. (RoseLee, you can’t mention Frank Sinatra three times.) I’m pretty sure that I can tell you about one that tops anything you’ve ever witnessed, and I wasn’t even there. It’s a rare treat to catch a group before they make it big, in a smaller venue where the sound is so much better than an arena like the U.C. In my estimation, and I know as much about music as I do hockey, there is no better place to see a concert than the Auditorium Theatre. (The House of Blues is a close second.)  I had one friend who saw U-2 in the 70’s at the Park West – can you imagine seeing U-2 in their formative years?! But even that pales to the tale I’m about to expound on. Continue reading »