Blackhawks 7, Canucks 2: Gm 4 Highlights

They have “Bad Moon Rising” on continuous repeat in B.C. tonight.

Blackhawks are still in a 3-1 hole, but are now back in the series, relieved by the “no pressure – nothing to lose” position they earned over the previous 85 games. has the Game 4 and some guy named Bolland – highlights.

Game 5 in Vancouver on Thursday night.

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2 Responses to Blackhawks 7, Canucks 2: Gm 4 Highlights

  1. nice effort by your boy Bieksa, Block….a seat is reserved in the faux-tough-guy
    club where Barret Jackman is the CEO. btw, nice article for the Sunday CI.

    • I give Stalberg credit for standing up to Bieksa. Stalberg dropped his gloves as soon as Bieksa grabbed him. Had to. Late in a game you’re blowing that team out in , and running about throwing your body around, sneaky stick-work on Canucks after the whistle – Stalberg had better answer that challenge. Nice to see it. Would’ve been easy to turtle there and try to draw the instigator and possible 1-game suspension on Bieksa. All things considered, it was resolved the way things should be.

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