May 032011

TheThirdManIn~Radio returned last night as did a couple of our more popular guests.

Mike Peck, the play-by-play voice of the Rockford IceHogs joined us for the first half hour to recap the IceHogs’ season.  Peck sees the IceHogs more than just about anyone not a coach of the team and discussed the progress of Kyle Beach, Brandon Pirri, Shawn Lalonde, Rob Klinkhammer, Igor Makarov, Brian Connelly and more.  We also got his early observations of the Hawks’ next crop of prospects Philippe Paradis, David Gilbert and Jimmy Hayes and which veteran defenseman, in his mind, has the greater odds of returning to Rockford.

Al Cimaglia of Sirius/XM Radio and was along for the Peck discussion as well.  We then moved on to talk Hawks-Canucks fallout; whether the series proved the Hawks were anything more than what they showed for the previous 82 games and a few players who are very unlikely to return next season.  Al and I also went further into explaining why the Hawks top players, like Duncan Keith, cannot be relied on so mightily again next season.  We also debate if the Hawks should re-sign Troy Brouwer, who Stan Bowman seems to love and who he didn’t sound too enthused about last week when the name was brought up.

For the final twenty minutes or so, Superstar and go more in-depth into Duncan Keith’s comments and season confessional post-Game 5; why he shouldn’t have said what he did and the misguided comparisons some have drawn.

It’s a John Scott free podcast.  A solid 90 minutes.  Hope you enjoy.  Thanks to everyone as always for listening.

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The show returns next Monday night, May 9th at 8pm central.  If we don’t have a special guest we’ll dig into player evaluations and recap losing entirely too much of our money at Arlington Park over the weekend.

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  6 Responses to “TTMI~Radio: Mike Peck and Al Cimaglia join to recap IceHogs, Blackhawks in 2010-11”

  1. Will listen to the podcast this aft. I’m sure, as usual it’s good stuff from you guys. Lots of people know I am a Brouwer fan, so it is hard for me to imagine the Hawks jettisoning him. Still, I really wonder if Bowman’s sorta lukewarm comments about him last week aren’t just a negotiating ploy. Same could apply to his comments on Campoli— who I think the Hawks should (and will) retain.

  2. One other thought on Brouwer which I raised in my blog: he and Kopecky are the two most consistently physical, self-sacrificing players on the team (which is kind of revelatory in itself), Both have weaknesses. And an argument can be made for letting either go (out of context of the entire roster). Because if you lose them, you not only need to replace them/upgrade on their physicality, but you also need to likely add physicality that was already lacking on the roster (aside from these guys). The Hawks were not physical enough WITH these guys (and in spite of their effort). Seems completely counter-intuitive to let them go, unless you have a lot of better answers.

    • Yeah. Like with all big players, too much some times is expected of them. If they come down on the forecheck, make a big hit to create a scoring chance; everyone then expects that they should be able to do that every shift. And when they don’t (because that is, in fact, impossible), they’re branded as something less than consistent or tough. Byfuglien certainly had his moments when he didn’t know what he was doing at forward, others when he was as guilty of standing around waiting for the puck to come to him as his other teammates (Sharp, Kane) are at times. But since Byfuglien is so big, he doesn’t catch a break typically.

      Brouwer definitely needs to score more, but like Al pointed out on Monday’s show, he was screwed with more than any other player by Q this year. Some of that was his own doing. More being that he’s versatile enough to begin with that he can play on any line. His skating has improved leaps and bounds since Norfolk. Hands have never been the issue. However, if you expect Brouwer, or if he’s the only guy on your roster capable of bringing a physical presence every night then there’s a trade-off that comes with that.

      What many fans will miss when looking at the hit counts is this: Where is a player more often times than not when he’s finishing his check or looking to throw one? On the walls, in the corner or behind the goal line. Where is he not then?…. In front of the net or in a scoring position. So, if you expect (or he is out of necessity) Brouwer to lead the team in hits, then its hard to expect him to pot 30. A big collision on the forecheck often creates a scoring chance, just not usually for the guy doing the hitting.

      Of this year’s hit leaders, 3 players who had as many or more hits than Brouwer (262) finished up with more goals than his 17. Now, for sure, Brouwer on this Hawks team should have at least 20 goals for a guy with his hands. But Dustin Brown he is not. And Cal Clutterbuck and Tuomo Ruutu each scored 19 this season. So he’s not far off of where he should be for a guy that is being asked to do what Brouwer was this season.

  3. Chris great interview. It sounds like makarov might not be back and if he is brought back will need a roommate that can help him adjust. The hawks seem to like this skill so do you bring both he and vishnevskiy back for the sake of makarov or maybe say goodbye to both

    • Makarov’s English improved greatly (from basically a zero to a four out of ten, but still) by then end of the season. He doesn’t need a babysitter. Vishnevskiy has a few nice games but his season as a whole was disappointing and there are questions of his work ethic. On Makarov, If he wants to be a North American player, he’ll return. If he goes back, then that door probably closes. He has potential to become a two-way third liner at the NHL level, but he needs more time to work on things and should prove he can score with consistency at the AHL before he moves up. Chances are good he’ll be a first or second liner in Rockford next season. He’ll be asked to be a penalty killer again and a part of the PP as well. His confidence with the puck was much better in the last month too. Better at getting the puck, being less indecisive and working towards the goal. Early on he struggled with understanding how much time he had to make decisions, hold on to the puck and move with it once it got to his stick. He made good strides in all areas. He hits but he’s not always strong in the battle areas. He’s not soft but that needs more work.

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