Nov 042011

By Rich Lindbloom

The last weekend in October is set aside on our calendar for the annual Father/Son camp out in Oakland, Il.  My son and I have attended seven years straight , often times waking up with frost on our noses. Basically, we are exposed to the great outdoors nonstop from Thursday evening, until Sunday afternoon, dealing with whatever mother nature decides to throw our way. Interspersed with the solid teaching of Norm Wakefield, we canoe, fish, paint ball, skeet shoot, play 15 on 15 football and many other manly type things. Impromptu voices singing “Men, men, men, men, big strong men” can be heard throughout Walnut State Park. Yet, it seems every year about the second week of October, I start questioning if I really want to lay on the ground for three nights in a bag that you sleep in. Especially if it means I’ll miss two Hawk games, although from what I’ve garnered, I didn’t miss much on Friday when we succumbed to an inspired Cane club. Continue reading »