Dec 232011

First of all, I want to thank all of our readers and listeners, new and old, for spending time on our site this year.   I hope everyone has a great weekend planned with loved ones and enjoys the break.

–Speaking of our listeners….

TheThirdManIn~Radio returns this Monday afternoon, December 26th with a special one-time start time of 3:30pm central.

I believe I will be joined by Al Cimaglia, of Sirius/XM Radio.  Of course, Al is also the Blackhawks writer now at  You’ll be able to listen live at

Since I’m guessing a lot of people have Monday off, we will attempt to take phone calls – BlogTalkRadio technology-willing.

I think it’s been a couple of months now since we’ve done a show.  There have been many reasons or excuses why I’ve been on hiatus.  I’ve been getting a lot of emails and I know I haven’t provided much of an update on the show of late.  The podcast will continue in its current form until show 100.  I believe we’re at 94 now.  From there, we’ll keep rolling but there will be some changes.

–Got a lot of response to this one, and my Committed Indian column from last Friday night is up here.

A huge round of Thanks….

This is several months overdue, but I want to take some space here to give a huge round of thanks yous and just appreciation to Rich Lindbloom, Brad Gardner, Jon Fromi and Brad Vandenberk.

Without these four guys, I would have folded this site two months ago.

It was about late-August when I had a good idea I was going to be greatly distracted and in need of some help around here if TTMI was going to keep chugging along.  And it was a lot worse than I could have ever anticipated.

Jon and both Brads stepped up when I put a call out for writers at that time and I cannot thank these guys enough for their work and the time they generously put in for this site.

I consider myself very fortunate that Rich Lindbloom chooses me to submit his Blackhawks theses to.  In a community of bloggers lacking stylistic differentiation, Rich is truly unique.  I don’t always agree with Rich, but I admire his ability to pen his thoughts.  He seems to have an incredibly effortless talent to articulate, connect and intertwine hockey and the real world or pop culture.

Recently I’ve had a chance to meet Jon and Brad Gardner, at IceHogs games in Rockford.  They’re both great guys.  I’ve talked to Rich many times at the UC.  He’s bought me beer on occasions, which doesn’t hurt but has not influenced or manipulated my opinion of his work too much.

Seriously, these four guys have been the backbone of this web site this year.  Without them, I know I would have pulled the plug.

–Lastly today, on a personal note…. I doubt anyone here is looking to me for life advice (nor should you honestly), but in the spirit of the season I’ll offer some.

Speaking from personal experience, it seems sometimes the hardest thing to do is read a situation and know the right time to tell the person who means the most to you exactly how you feel about them and what they mean to you.

Speaking specifically, the moment you know, put those feelings into words and tell that person you love them.  Do that, and you can never truly lose.  In general, or in regards to family, there’s never a wrong time to relay heartfelt feelings to those close to you.  Don’t take any one for granted.

Every day you don’t express to the important people in your life exactly what they mean to you… is one day closer you come to losing that person and not having the chance to have them understand absolutely how you feel.  And then one day all you’re left with is an enormous regret and a deep emptiness.

So, especially being it’s the holidays, make sure to grab the person you love and tell them… Call a friend you rely on, or take time to reach out to someone important you’ve lost touch with.  It’s the greatest, simplest gift you can give to the ones you hold dear.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Holidays, New Years or whatever the fuck…

And Thanks Again to all our readers who keep us going!

Best Regards,

–Chris Block

I’ll have an update on the IceHogs this weekend, a full recap and impressions of Rockford’s last game before the Christmas break and much more.

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