Jan 252012

On this week’s edition of TTMI~Radio we discuss everything from pouting superstar hockey players to Saving the Children (and the gays) to 4-year old girls speaking in the third person.

In addition, in no particular order, we discuss…. teaching Marcus Kruger the cycle, United Center official scoring, Kerry Fraser’s book, emails on Bryan Bickell and waivers, Bolland and Pirri comparables, Hating on Twitter, our UFC picks, street clipboard peddlers, changing your Facebook status to something more particular, Vegas and UFC on Fox this Saturday night at the United Center and our pick.

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Show #99 airs live next Wednesday night February 1st at 8pm central.

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  2 Responses to “TTMI~Radio e.98, Notes About Nothing; Corey Crawford, Boycotting hockey players and 4-yr olds speaking in the 3rd person”

  1. This is completely off topic, but it been gnawing at me for a week or so and forgot to mention it when I saw you in Rockford, so here goes:
    What the hell is the deal with Klinkhammer? The guy has 11 goals and 12 assists in the 22 games he’s spend in Binghamton. Add in the stats of his forgettable first 18 games in Rockford and he leads that team in scoring. Heck, he would be second in goals and fourth in scoring for the Ice Hogs with that kind of production.

    The question is, who threw the switch? Did his luck turn in a major way, or was there something that looking back now could have been hindering him in Rockford? Is there more to the story, or is his scoring explosion out east just coincidence?

    • There really is no such thing as off-topic when it comes to TTMI~Radio…

      No question when it came down to the end, Klinkhammer needed a change of scenery. Aside from losing his spot in the line rotations to Shaw and Hayes, and with Bollig elevating his game enough to be a key contributor to the PK, Klink had lost all confidence. And probably too – hope he’d ever be a Blackhawk. The loss of confidence and that kind of a player’s certain, mojo let’s say, was glaring and it was best for both parties he moved on to a different situation. He was passing up prime shooting chances and fumbling with the puck when it was placed right on his stick.

      I think in a backwards way, starting the season with five points in two games probably placed some undue expectation on Klinkhammer in terms of offensive production. He’s exactly what people are seeing up in Chicago now with Shaw. That’s the role he best fits and how he’ll post the majority of his offense.

      As far as Binghamton, without seeing the games, only reading reports, he went in there doing exactly what he was successful doing in Rockford; Simplifying his game. North-south. Hard all the time. Finishing his checks and going to the net. For whatever reason, he’d lost some of that over the last month he was a ‘Hog.

      It didn’t hurt Binghamton is a terrible team in search of any kind of spark. Klinkhammer was going to get every chance to succeed when he got there and thus far he’s giving them everything he’s capable of. The switch was the trade. It probably also helped him psychologically to go to an organization he could realistically see himself earning a NHL roster with too.

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