Mar 222012

By Brad Vandenberk

On a four game winning streak, the Chicago Blackhawks returned home to face their favourite foe, the Vancouver Canucks.  The Hawks were in Columbus the night before, handing the Jackets a season sweep with a 5-1 victory.  The Canucks had the luxury of spending a record setting hot March day in Chicago awaiting the Hawks return home late morning.   After going on a 9 game losing streak the Hawks have gone 8-1-1.  Most of those games have been played without captain serious, as he remains on the road to recovery.   The Canucks come into this game losers of five in seven.   Corey Crawford regained his crease for the Hawks and Roberto Luongo started for the visiting team.  Luongo hasn’t played in the Canucks last two losses.  Jamal Mayers was a last minute scratch with the flu inserting Brendan Morrison into the 4th line center spot. 

After the fans took their seats after an epic cheer for their anthem, the Canucks were up 1-0.  Just 27 seconds into the period Jannik Hansen speeds past Johnny Oduya, firing a far blocker puck past Crawford.  This silenced the crowd quite quickly!  Scary moment in the crowd as Hansen puts Oduya through the glass.  A fan sitting first row, wore the pane but remained in his seat.  Canucks get the first chance on the power play.  Viktor Stalberg gets call for hooking as the Canucks speed starts to pick up.  The Hawks kill this one off not giving the Nucks any space.  Agitator Brandon Bollig punches Zack Kassian in the face after a stoppage.  Again, this gave the Canucks another power play chance as Bollig gets two for roughing.  The Hawks penalty kill was very much switched on tonight as they kill off another man advantage.  Patrick Kane and Marian Hossa, had a great opportunity to even the score.  Hossa tips a shot from Kane, but Luongo was sharp kicking that one aside.   Then, mystery man Michael Frolik takes a puck hard to the net running into a crowd losing the rock. The Canucks head back the other way 3 on 2.  The action was end to end and the chances were there for both teams.  Marcus Kruger dangled into the zone and slid a sweet feed to Patrick Sharp who puts the puck right off Chris Higgins’ skate.   The Canucks remain up 1 with 7:44 remaining.  Moments later Duncan Keith decides to send a payback hit as he is booked for an elbowing call on Daniel Sedin.  It was later found out that Sedin had given Keith a head shot earlier in the game.  Keith gets 2 minutes for elbowing and the Canucks watched Daniel Sedin take one shift on the power play and then head to the dressing room, not returning to the contest.  The Hawks outshot the Canucks in the period 12-6 and are down 1-0.

As the second period began, Marcus Kruger was not on the bench for the Blackhawks.  It was later announced that he was out with an upper body injury.

The Hawks started the period knowing that with one Sedin done for the night, the Canucks would come out fired up!  At the 16:48 mark of the second, Kane gets his 20th of the year.  Andrew Brunette worked in behind the net and gets the puck out to Hossa.  He puts the puck on net and Luongo leaves a rebound out front to Kane, who puts it top shelf.  Tie game!  Shortly after, the Hawks got their first attempt on the power play.  As the tempers were reaching the boiling point, Kevin Bieksa was caught with a slash as the teams were in the middle of a line change.  Finally the kettle was ready for tea!  As one penalty ends another one begins.  With every Canuck player wanting to pull the hair of Keith so Sedin can frame it, Alexandre Burrows received a roughing penalty giving the Hawks 15 second of 5 on 3.  Kane creates a few chances during the power play, but the Canucks keep the scored tied.  Just a minute after Burrows returned to the ice, Keith’s bull’s eye was finally hit.  Kassian tries to take Keith down to the ice.  Burrows again, enters the wrestling match washing Keith’s face with the palm of his gloves.  Keith tried to claw his way out of the pile with every player on the ice ready to fight someone.  This showed that the Hawks are not going to back down from anyone.  When the smoke cleared Keith, Burrows and Kassian all received a 2 minute rough penalty with 10 minute misconducts.  Brother Hank threw on his loin cloth and tried to avenge his brother.  He gets called for a Hook on Kane.  Then after serving that penalty he trips up Crawford behind the net and he heads back to the box for goaltender interference.  The Hawks could not get a goal past Luongo and outshot the Canucks once again 11-3 to end the second tied at 1.

Early in the third, Mason Raymond forced Crawford to make many important saves.  Hossa and Kane create another great scoring chance, with Luongo there to keep the score knotted.  On the other end, Crawford knew how important this win would be as he made some great saves.  A cheer was heard throughout the UC as Keith was final back on the ice after serving over 12 minutes in penalties.  Keith was determined to make up for his mistake as he had a few great chances to end the game.  As the period is about to end Kane walks around the Canucks defense and heads in on Luongo, who makes another save.  The period ended with both teams getting a single point.  The Canucks won the shot advantage in this period barely outshooting the Hawks 14-12.

The Hawks begin to see a tired Canucks group as the 4 on 4 period began.  Oduya gets a chance early with Lou scrambling in his net.  Stalberg also has a great chance to send the Canucks packing but Lou was there once again.  Finally Andrew Shaw called the airport and booked the plane.  Canucks defensemen Sami Salo made a bad decision and Dave Bolland took advantage.  He blows into the offensive zone and sends a puck across to a late Oduya.  He lets the shot go and Shaw tips the game winner past Luongo giving the Hawks their 5th straight win 2-1.

Quick Hits:

-Hawks outshot the Canucks 37-24.

-Hawks go 0 for 5 on the power play with Vancouver not fairing to well either going 0 for 3

-With Duncan Keith in the box for 14 minutes Brent Seabrook led all Hawks with 27:00 TOI.

-Nick Leddy, who left Tuesday night’s game in Columbus with an apparent upper body ailment, suited up and skated 18:01 against the Canucks.

-Kane was dominated in the faceoff circle winning only 3 of 18 face offs.

-Keith will definitely be hearing from the league on a possible suspense.  Keith will be missed if a suspension is given, especially with the Hawks next 3 games being Nashville, New Jersey and the big bad Blues.

-Hawks have 92 points and remained in 6th place in the western conference.  They are currently tied with the Predators who they still have to play twice before the season ends.

-Next game sees the Hawks play host to the newest Predator as Alexander Radulov makes an appearance at the United Center.

Brad Vandenberk

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  10 Responses to “Hawks slip by Canucks in OT, Duncan Keith faces possible suspension for elbow on Daniel Sedin”

  1. “Finally, the kettle was ready for the tea!” – I don’t think I’ve ever heard that phrase used to describe a hockey game – great and exciting wrap Brad.

    Henrik’s trip of Crow was a dirty, cheap and despicable play that could have caused an injury. Someone really needs to pound the ever loving shit out of Aleandre – what a yeloow bellied weasel.

    • Thanks Rich for your kind words.
      I dont even want to get started on Burrows. Its games like this that Carcillo is missed in the line up in order to teach these guys a lesson. Think back to when Carcillo was first signed and called out how bad he wanted the Canucks especially Lapierre. These 2 guys give such a bad name to the Canucks. They will never change and need to get beat up. But i think being cupless is more of a beat up that any tough guy can muster!

      • Good point on Carcillo – immediately after the scrum I said to my friend “Q needs to put bollig out on the ice everytime Burrows is out there. Unfortunately, we were also trying to win the game. Danny Boy is the type of player that is on the ice enought to mete out justice. It would have been nice for Mayers to be out there last night.

  2. Keith was the coward last night… running from several canucks and turning down scrap invitations from Bieksa and Kassian. Burrows rag dolled him at least. Thats biased but also factual. He attepmted to cause a head/brain injury to another player and then didn’t have the guts to fight. You could see the fear on his face after the second period scrum… TV caught it beuatifully. And comparing the Sedin shoulder hit in corner when puck was just released is ludicrous.

    • Keith isn’t getting paid to fight Bieksa and Kassian. However, he should have stood up for his actions. I’m sure it wasn’t suppose to happen the way it did. And here we are a day later trying to explain it. The deed has been done and Keith will suffer the Consequences. Not trying to compare the hits. These two teams have a HUGE hate on for one another. Any attempt to “rub” it into the opponents face (Sedin on Keith) just fuels the already emberred fire.

    • Hockey 101, another Vancouver burner cult member?

      Although I am sure Bieksa and Kassian would love to have fought Keith – as they both specialize in beating up lower weight classes – that, along with diving, back hitting, and dirty stick work are the Canuck’s MO after all.

      Kassian had the opp to fight Bolig and backed down… Coward to you right?
      If Keith had challenged Sedin and he backed away (which he would)… Coward?

      The double standards of the VC organization and their fans make it so easy to hate.

  3. Huh…? Keith is at least as big as Bieksa and they are both top pairing Ds. Kassian didn’t have a chance to fight or decline Bolig dance invite b/c he sat on the bench the entire game after the attempted face wash penalty. hawks fans are understandably bitter about getting bounced last year, just as Nucks fans were previously, but condoning that kind of attempt to injure demonstrates the personality and intelligence better than any blog snipes. And the diving thing, thats what you have… its fiction, check how many unsportsman like (diving) penalities the canucks have. 20 cent Kane and Sharpe way bigger divers. I actually hope that Hawks make playoffs before last day of season this time so I can see them knocked out and coward kieth hasa chance to reap some pay back karama. And about never winning a Cup, true, but Hawks hadn’t won in eons and the Game 7 Burrows goal win last year was just as good as a Cup. And as for Canucks and fans being hated… you to look in the mirror…. things like coward’s attempt to injure, heckling Morrisons acl tear as he hobbled off the ice in Calgary, 20 cent beating up cabbie, and fans who turn on teh team at the drop of a hat (very insecure – jsut read 2nd City afer a loss) — has resulted in legions of hawks haters

  4. Hockey101…if beating the Hawks in game 7, with half the team from the year before, is your Stanley Cup, then hurray! Good for you. Way to go Canucks.
    Hawks are the only team that heckles? Right. Go smoke another one.
    Turn on the team? As I do recall, Canuck fans wanted AV fired, this person traded and so on at the beginning of the year. Oh ya…have fun watching Schneider playing net somewhere, other than Vancouver, next year.
    What does Burrows do? Pull hair, bite players and knee people in the groin. Classy player. Don’t see that ass clown fighting anybody.
    Time for a riot. Stay classy Vancouver.

  5. Kieth should get rest of season and 5 playoff games to send appropriate message on intent to inflict head/brain injuries

  6. Keith should get rest of season and 5 games?

    Yes, and Vancouver should have their franchise disbanded before the entire city is burnt down by the burner cult of moronic trolls called their fan base.

    Bollig was on the ice at least twice with Kassian before OT and after the “facewash”.

    I’m sure the Cannots relished their OT victory in round 1 over a Stanley Cup…. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH

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