Apr 142012

By Chris Block

We were fortunate enough on Saturday to sit down with Rockford IceHogs’ head coach Ted Dent for a lengthy season-in-review discussion.

In this twenty-five minute interview, Dent shared his take on the gamut of subjects from coaching, to working in unison with Joel Quenneville and the Blackhawks coaching staff to the ups and down season his IceHogs experienced in this 2011-12 season.

Dent also gives his take on the state of Kyle Beach‘s progression, where he thinks Beach could be had it not been for missing four months due to shoulder surgery and if Dent has been surprised at all by the rapid ascension of Andrew Shaw.

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In this conversation, Dent gives his analysis and discusses various topics including….

-Getting opportunity to be a head coach at AHL level

-Relationships with players and the transition from being an assistant to the head coach

-What aspect he looked to change in Rockford

-Dialogue ongoing between Chicago and Rockford

-Communicating with, and leaning on Joel Quenneville for advice.

-Any surprises and the stress involved in being a head coach this time around

-Carter Hutton

-Divvying responsibility across the coaching staff

-Alexander Salak’s season

-Dealing with Salak pulling himself from the game in Hamilton on Feb 18

-Helping Jeremy Morin along and working through a tough year at times

-What he has addressed with Brandon Pirri and areas Pirri needs to improve to stick at the next level.

-What Dent told Andrew Shaw early in the season about what he saw in Shaw and his future.

-Dent’s thoughts on those who may have given up on 2008 1st round draft pick Kyle Beach

-Areas Beach has progressed this season and over time since Dent first dealt with Beach four years ago

-Players Dent enjoys working with

-What overwhelmed Rob Flick early in the season

-Chris DiDomenico’s development

-Dent’s assessment of the IceHogs’ starts in the past two seasons and the outlook ahead in that respect.

….All that and much more.  Dent was very generous with his time and hopefully you enjoy the discussion.


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  5 Responses to “AUDIO: Interview with IceHogs coach Ted Dent”

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  2. Chris great interview,super questions and insightful answers. No mention of lalonde. Do you think he no longer has a future with the hawks organization?

    • Thanks Craig. Lalonde has one more year on his deal so there’s still some opportunity there for him if the Hawks don’t decide getting a return for him now (this summer) would be a smarter play. Scouts who pop in and out like him because the tools are there but its all about whether the light kicks on in his head. He’s a good skater but he gets beat constantly moving backwards. I was impressed early on in the season by some improvement in his battle level. He was engaged more this year than in his rookie season. Overall, however, I just don’t see it progressing or coming together for him. And your perception is another point that backs that up.

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  4. Saddest part to me of the game was that the Ads were off since, what, Saturday? Meanwhile, Rockford just got back from the long Toronto/Hamilton trip (and probably more). So not only the fact that staihgrt-up, they couldn’t beat the Hogs, they couldn’t even beat them as a fully rested against a fatigued team that just rode a bus for 500 miles to T-dot.And for all the complaints about the Hogs play, I was just glad to see Kyle Beach didn’t play. He would have added 4 play stoppages for feigned broken arms and concussions . Annoying piece of work that fans in Rockford don’t even like.

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