Apr 182012

Here’s the video of Raffi Torres hit on Marian Hossa

[Update: 12:00pm 04/18/12]  The NHL has announced Raffi Torres has been suspended indefinitely pending an in-person hearing in New York on Friday.  Torres could waive his right to an in-person hearing and conduct his hearing via teleconference today but chose instead to meet with Brendan Shanahan face-to-face on Friday.  In-person hearings are typically only offered to players when the discipline is going to be in excess of three or more games.

As you can see, Hossa put himself in a bad spot in stopping and cutting back into the path of the hard Phoenix backcheck, last supplied by Torres.  However, Torres leaves his feet and makes direct contact to Hossa’s chin to which there is no excuse for. Had Torres not jumped into the collision, there would have been nothing wrong with the play.

According to various reports, Hossa left Northwestern Memorial Hospital last night under his own power before the conclusion of the Blackhawks-Coyotes game with what was rumored to be a fractured jaw and is now resting at home.

Considering the severity of injury to Hossa, the probability that Hossa will miss some games and that Torres has been suspended twice in the past thirteen months, you would expect Torres will get whacked by the NHL’s czar of discipline, Brendan Shanahan.

Four months ago, Torres was suspended two games for leaving his feet to check Minnesota’s Nate Prosser in a game on December 31.  Last night’s check on Hossa came a year to the day Torres, then a member of the Vancouver Canucks, knocked Brent Seabrook silly with an ugly hit in Game 3 of last year’s conference quarter finals at the United Center.  Torres was not suspended for that play even though it was his first game back from a four game suspension incurred during a late regular season game when he took a run at Edmonton’s Jordan Eberle.

Torres is expected to have a disciplinary hearing with Shanahan as soon as this afternoon.  Game 4 is tomorrow night (Thursday) at United Center.

Here’s the video of Torres hit on Seabrook a year ago.

Hit on Jordan Eberle which cost Torres 4 games.

Dec 31 hit on Nate Prosser & Shanahan’s explanation of suspension

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  4 Responses to “Video: Raffi Torres hits Marian Hossa; Looking back at Torres history and last time Shanahan suspended him”

  1. Torres hasn’t learned anything. The NHL hasn’t learned anything.
    Torres for Hossa is a good tradeoff, whatever may happen, for Phoenix and is not good for the sport.

    • This is just my guess, but with Torres’ history, and weighing in the way the nastiness league-wide in these playoffs keep escalating, I say Shanahan sends a strong message here and Torres gets eight games.

  2. I hate to see Hossa get injured , i just wish it was toews or keith. Now you guys know how it feels for a cheap shot against one of your best players.We lost sedin to a cheap shot from Keith and because of it we are on the verge of being eliminated. I just hope that the coyotes finnaly put you guys out of the playoffs . Its really sad when there is no respect for the elite players anymore. The only way that this will stop is if , the player who injures the other (with intent)is suspended without pay for double the time the injured player is out for ,if that is only a few games than the player should be suspended for as long as the league decides. GO CANUCKS!!!

    • Uh are you forgetting seabrook last year. we ALREADY KNEW HOW IT FELT. and we also lost Toews this year. i might remind you that Keith was not a repeat offender and that was his first suspension. And I hope LA hands the Canucks their well deserved loss #4.

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