PuckChatter Radio: 75-minute interview with former Chicago Blackhawk Steve Ludzik

By Chris Block

We were so pleased tonight to be joined once again on PuckChatter~Radio by former Chicago Blackhawk and National Hockey League coach Steve Ludzik.

In this candid 75-minute interview, Ludzik discusses his recent announcement that he’s been battling Parkinson’s disease for the past twelve years.  Ludzy talks about the concussions and punishment he incurred during his playing career and why he believes it contributed to his illness.  He also shares his thoughts on today’s game and his advice for players such as Sidney Crosby.

Over the course of our discussion Ludzik shared his insight, thoughts and little known behind the scenes stories on many of the various players and personalities from the 1980’s Blackhawks including Bob Pulford, Orval Tessier, Steve Larmer, Al Secord, Denis Savard, Tom Lysiak, Rich Preston, Darryl Sutter, Curt Fraser, Terry Ruskowski and many more.

Ludzik also recounts the story behind a trip he and Steve Larmer made a year ago to visit their first pro coach, Orval Tessier.  [See the video at the bottom of this post]

Ludzy tells us why Steve Larmer should be in the Hockey Hall of Fame, and how, had it not been for Tessier, Larmer may never have been a Blackhawk.

This is truly a great interview that’s worth checking out.

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*You can buy Ludzik’s book “Been There, Done That” at Ludzy.com

*Check out the new social networking site we discussed on the show of which Ludzik is a part of at – OldTeammates.com

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Steve Larmer and Steve Ludzik visit Orval Tessier at his home in Cornwall, Ontario [Video after the jump]

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5 Responses to PuckChatter Radio: 75-minute interview with former Chicago Blackhawk Steve Ludzik

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  3. Finally had the chance to listen to this….great stuff Chris. You just helped Steve sell another book. Also, you covered not jumping into the pool with your phone, but you didn’t mention whether you challenged anyone to a race?

    • Thanks Lane. Been There Done That really is a fantastic read for any hockey fan. Tons of quotes from players and coaches from his era as well. We have to get Ludzy back on in the next few months so we can focus on old Blackhawks stories and the fun reminiscing.

      Regarding Vegas, yes. We had the whole pool watching, picking sides and contributing. The lifeguards hated us. And of course I just had to challenge a 6-4 competitive swimmer guy, in fairly superior athletic condition, to a race. I talked a lot of crap, and I got destroyed. But it led to more drinks and a big party later that night.

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