Jun 302013

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  2 Responses to “CBC Hockey Night in Canada season closing montage; Winter Shelter, Summer Comfort”

  1. Thanks for posting that Chris. The Cup is “just a kiss away,” eh? What a song! What a season! What a goal by “king” David to remember him by!

    I was thinking yesterday, hah that’s a first, would the Hawks be better off with Bolland and Frolik than just Bickell. Tough choices. One thing I would point out is I thought bickell had a great season, not just a great playoffs. 29/65/25 clicked quite well.

    Any chance we resign Roszival.?

    • My guess after the season and playoff he had, Rozsival would be looking for two years (which he isn’t getting from the Hawks, at least you’d hope) or a modest raise. My impression is they’re moving on. Ryan Stanton will be given an opportunity to make the team as part of the top six defenseman, playing alongside Leddy. Those two played alongside each other as a directive from Blackhawks management at the beginning of this past season during the lockout. Leddy skated on the left side and Stanton on the right (which was a position he had never played before as a pro. Those two did okay together when Leddy wasn’t focused on avoiding physical contact. Stanton is ready for the opportunity now, the only question is whether or not he can play at the next level without taking minor stick penalties – which is a problem of his at the AHL level.

      Bolland’s time had come and gone. He’s a luxury and a proven playoff contributor but with his health and inability to make the most of his chance to center the second line, he became expendable. It may not happen overnight, but if he can stay healthy, Ben Smith will make people forget about Michael Frolik soon enough. I know why they did it, and understand they felt their hands were tied on this one to an extent, but four years is at least two too many for Bickell.

      The oddest thing to me about the Bickell re-signing is how his contract is structured. And, to me, its a big mistake. Most contracts of recent times have seen big money contracts be frontloaded. Bickell’s new deal is the opposite. That’s insane to me. If you believe this much in the guy to sign him to a big money deal more based off two months of playoff hockey than his entire seven year pro career, than why not give him the big payday upfront and if it doesn’t work out then he doesn’t have as much cash due to him on the backend and he’s a little easier to move? I don’t understand Bowman’s line of thinking here. The only thing you may rationalize is that Rocky is a little agitated over the two buyouts, but those are fixed costs over the next two (Olesz) and four (Montador) seasons. So its not as if Rocky is signing one big check to Olesz and Montador and squeezing Stan’s budget for the upcoming season. So now Stan (or if it was the people above him who influenced it) are taking a big gamble that the Bickell we see moving forward is the Bickell of the past two months (who was on a minimum salary deal playing for a new contract) and not the Bickell we saw for the great majority of his first seven seasons as a pro (who is nowhere near worth a $4M hit on your cap for the next four years.)

      Its something to note for the future because the Hawks have guys coming and the market will never be bullish for $4.5M a year third or fourth liners no matter if the cap upper limit is 64.3 or 80 million.

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