Nov 072013

By Michael Calvert

Winnipeg is not very good.  This game was a bit of a yawner.  It sort of had me on the back of my seat.

I remember, back in the day, when ESPN actually paid attention to the NHL and used to call the Jets ‘Losipeg.’ I always loved that one.  I still call them that.  Times have changed but Winnipeg still has a bad NHL team.  I bet something like out of Mystery, Alaska could actually happen to Winnipeg.  A group of beer guzzling social league hockey guys from Winnipeg could probably beat the Jets.

At any rate, the Hawks won Wednesday’s game pretty easy, unfortunately little more than halfway through the third the not so hot-handed Devin Setoguchi broke Crawford’s shutout.  Besides some drunk dude sporting Adam Pardy’s helmet after Bollig put his head through the glass, the guchi goal was the only real excitement in the second half of the game.

The Hawks for some reason had Brookbank playing wing on the third line.  Ridiculous – Can’t be defended.  Guy played maybe two shifts and Kane double shifted.

Hawks came out with a very typical looking series of lines:

Hossa and Sharp flanking Toews on the dominant 1st line.
Kane and Saad between Pirri on the fairly dominant 2nd line.
Bickell and Brookbank? on the 3rd line between Shaw, guess this was the sandpaper line.
Bollig and Smith outside for Kruger on the 4th.

Brookbank really played forward.  I’m sorry, this just seems like something middling to bad teams do to “shake it up.”  The Sharks did it with Brent Burns, but he’s a good player and it is actually working.  This is the type of stuff where a Hawks fan can look down their nose point and laugh mockingly, just embarrassing to be honest.

1st period.  Allegedly the Jets thought they may come out and put forth a better outing than their drubbing 5 days ago to the Hawks in Winnipeg.  For 17 and a half forgettable minutes the Jets did just that, then Toews went all Toews on them.  Toews just missed having a highlight assist when Montoya stopped a really good Kane opportunity.  True to form Losipeg caughed up the puck in their own zone, crisp Keith pass to Toews who went shootout style on Montoya’s 5 hole.  Hawks 1-0

After a really heady play to stop icing Leddy forced Montoya out of his crease to negate an icing and lo and behold a few seconds later Kane dangling with puck puts a really nice wrister past Montoya.  Hawks up 2-0.

2nd period. The second period a lot like the 1st started very mundane.  The first real action came on a Hossa breakaway about ten minutes in.  Montoya again was up to the task and made the save.

At 18:00 neutral zone take away leads to a Pirri break away, this time Montoya not up to the challenge.  Hawks 3-0.

3rd period.  In what is becoming a mini trend the Jets can’t clear and Montoya gets beat glove side high by a wrister, this time by Sharp.

Setoguchi breaks Crow’s shutout at 9:40, bit of a bummer, but it would have been more of a team shutout than a masterful Crawford performance.

At 13:38 Bollig puts Adam Pardy’s head through the glass; a lot less brutal than it sounds.  Pardy’s helmet comes off and lands on the perfect goof balls hands.  Drunk guy proceeds to put Pardy’s sweaty helmet directly on his head.  I’m just about the furthest thing from a germaphobe, but if you’ve ever been in a hockey locker room it ranks with a sewer tank in disgustingness. Hilarious just the same, well played weird drunk guy.

Someone else scored to make it 4-1 and the Hawks win easy.


Damn it feels good to be a Hawks fan.

Did I mention that Brookbank played wing?  On the effective third line?  I’m admittedly ignorant to the back story, I read a rumor they were considering it, someone please feel free to fill me in or justify why.

Defensive pairings were per usual with Rozsival manning the rotating 6th spot.

I’ll say it again, Leddy is fast becoming a super star.  Great break up of an easy breakaway, and such a heady move to negate icing on what set up the game winning goal.

Winnipeg is worse than their record suggests, and it doesn’t appear that will change anytime soon, I think we’ve found the new booger in town to pick on.  Good bye Columbus hello Losipeg.  Good for them though that they are in a real hockey city and will sell tickets and pay salaries, so it all could turn around soon for them.

Crawford was steady and it’s all this game required.

Michael Calvert

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  3 Responses to “Some old faces, One drunk dude and a Jet thumping”

  1. Evander Kane was sort of silent last night-he was a bit of a nuisance Saturday. If I recall correctly, Crow did make some big saves-then again iwas so happy Ben Smith was dressed again, i didn’t notice the morin/Brookbank fiasco WTF?is Coach Q trolling us?

  2. Wasn’t E. Kane a scratch Wednesday? I didn’t see his name in the box score, but I didn’t see most of the game. Just don’t get Morin sitting so Brookbank could play a handful of shifts.

    • Ha! If he was a scratch that would certainly explain his lack of impact on the game! At least I knew I didn’t notice him that much.

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