Mar 072014

By Michael Calvert

The Hawks faced a much tougher Blue Jacket team last night at the UC, but it didn’t matter, the end result was awfully familiar.

With Marian Hossa out still the Hawks had to regroup their lines some, the first line lost Sharp and gained an Andrew Shaw.  That’s a minus-1 if you’re counting at home.

Michal Handzus must have gotten to the UC and thought “look what I found,” as he centered the Patricks, Sharp and Kane.  The third line for the Hawks looked an awful lot like it should with Bickell and Versteeg centered by Regin.  Lastly, the fourth line of Smith, Krueger and Bollig.  6th Dman was played by Brookbank tonight.

1st period:  Hawks got on the scorer’s sheet early in this one.  Brandon Bollig disrupted a clearing attempt and Marcus Kruger picked off said errant attempt.  Kruger took the puck to the middle and sort of backhand flipped it towards the net.  Johnny on the spot Bollig got a stick on it and 1-0 Hawks.  The Hawks are pretty much all over the BJ’s at this point.

Then all of a sudden the Hawks pull a beer league type line change and allow the BJ’s top line to go top line on 0 against Crawford and of course score.  Kudos to Crawford for at least getting a big part of Johanson’s shot.  12 minutes left in the first and we’ve got a game here, spoiler alert this won’t last too long.

On an all around beauty of a play Brookbank fires a pass from below the d zone dot to Shaw right at the wall.  Shaw takes the perfect pass in stride and roofs one forehand over Bob’s shoulder 2-1 Hawks.

2nd period:  This is where things get all ass kickey.  Off a fine all around Saad play, Toews scoops up a rebound and wrists one past Bob 3-1 Hawks.  4 and a half minutes later, Bickell does likewise and it’s bye bye Bob.

Another spoiler, the backup wasn’t any better.

3rd period:  The Hawks were basically like predators and the prey was loose pucks in or around the net.  Toews scores again and the route is complete.


It’s funny that Andrew Shaw pre game said “ I think they put me up there to get me going.” in regard to his “promotion” to the top line.  Yeah, Andrew that’s it, they moved around Patrick Sharp and Kane to get you going.  Never the less he had a great game and earned his #1 star of the game.  There’s just nothing not to like about the little fire plug, he lays bombs on people and just doesn’t quit, he’s like a little Rocky Balboa.  Even his stupid Chevy commercial is somewhat likeable.

I had hoped d-man #6 was newly acquired David Rundblad.  Something inside of me just knows that Stan fleeced someone and this guy is gonna be a stud.  A second round draft pick is not a small amount to give away, so I’m intrigued.

Last night the new white on rice or stink on shit could have been Hawks on loose pucks, it was great to see.

You just know the Hawks are getting A games from other teams and Columbus needed this, but the mighty Blackhawks just bitch slapped them, again, great to see.

Again, I feel as though Crow got robbed a shutout.  Nothing you can do when a full line is bearing down on you sans defensive help.  Not to mention a first line with the oppositions only goal scorer in possession of puck.

Damn it feels good to be a Hawks fan, playoffs, hurry up!

Michael Calvert

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  One Response to “Blackhawks dismantle Blue Jackets 6-1 at the UC”

  1. “A beer league type line change”- beautiful
    Salad had a great game also-he certainly helps to mitigate the loss of Hoss.

    Spnohe Bob was taking on a little water there.

    Lost in the focus of our offensive outburst were some pretty big saves by Corey. The black goalie pass are bad ass.

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