Apr 192014

By Michael Calvert

After a second heart-wrenching overtime loss in St. Louis, the Blackhawks find themselves down two games to none in a series that could easily be 1-1 or two games to none in the ‘Hawks advantage.

There were times in Saturday’s Game 2, much like the first game, where the Hawks looked listless and others where they looked dominant.  I suppose this could have been prophesied as they looked rather lethargic to end the season.

1st period:  On the scoreboard the 1st period went to the Blues easily.  The Hawks actually out-shot St Louis 11-9 but ended the first period down 2-0.

St Louis got their first goal at 7:08 in the first period on a Chris Porter slap shot.  It didn’t look like a shot that could not be saved, but I wasn’t hollering at Crawford through the tv.

With under 2 seconds left in the first the Blues score ANOTHER late goal, this trend is getting annoying, and it gets worse.

It just makes me made sitting here and writing/reliving this.  The Hawks were ok in the first, certainly probably didn’t deserve to be 2-0 in the hole, but were far from special.  Speaking of special 6 pp opportunities combined, four for the Hawks.  Obviously the Hawks did not capitalize on one, nor did the Blues.  The Hawks pp is total garbage and fortunately the Blues is by percentage worse.

2nd period:  The Hawks began the march to the penalty box with 3 straight to start the second period.  Honestly this game was looking more and more in the bag for St Louis as the second period crawled along.

Duncan Keith finally solved the mystery of “I can’t get scored on 3 times in 7 shots” Miller, with only a couple minutes left in the second.  It was a relief of a goal, up until that point if it happened to the Hawks it was bad.

At 20:00 minutes a handful of Knuckleheads got penalties, 10 minutes to Bollig and fellow knucklehead Steve Ott.

3rd period: Within a minute and a half the Hawks got two goals from their blue line.  Seabrook and Rozsival put slappers past Ryan Miller.

All was looking good at this point, coming back to Chi Town 1-1 would have been huge for the Hawks.

Then Seabrook obliterated Backes, just nuclear the hit he put on him.  It was questionable about intent, and I thought it may not even be a penalty.  Backes was not fully turned around and he dropped his head.  Seabrook hit him like a truck and it was just too hard a hit.  Backes went down and actually comically got back up and tried to fight with literal rubber legs under him, he swayed and dipped against the boards for a minute and then was helped to the bench.  See ya.

The Hawks currently killing off waste of a jersey Bryan Bickell’s cheap shot on Sobotka, are now down 2 men with about a 45 seconds to kill.  The Hawks kill the 2 man advantage and it looks good.

1:45 left in the game and the Blues pull the goalie and it looks really good.  Due to Seabrook’s 5 min major they are on the kill 6-4 but can essentially just fire the puck at the empty net without fear of icing as they are on the kill.

Even at 10 seconds left it looked dare say really good.  Then Tarasenko scored with 6 f’ing seconds left and do I need to even tell you they lost in ot?


I’m sure the Seabrook hit will be talked about for no end as it led to a loss and basically will take him out for the remainder of the series unless we go 7.  That would be interesting to see the game 7, must see tv really.

The Hawks have responded well to big Seabrook playoff hits before, usually with Seabs as the recipient.

Bickell sucks.  I don’t know the guy and I literally hate him, and I know how pathetic and immature that is, I just don’t care.

It’s sucks being down 2-0 but that’s how it’s supposed to go, Hawks need to take care of home like they should and like the Blues did and this still has the prospect of being an amazing series.

Truth be told it has been an amazing series, but the Hawks luck is just all bad.  The Blues are outplaying them maybe slightly, but the breaks are all anti Hawks and just keep coming at the worst times.

Michael Calvert

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