Apr 172015

By Michael Calvert

I hadn’t intended to write an anti- Crow story as I consider myself a Crawford fan, but there’s not enough time for him to “figure it out.”

Whatever IT is, Crow doesn’t have it now. He’s been so bad in fact that if given the Preds were to be held to only 10 shots in a game the Hawks would need to score 3 to win.

Bring in Darling, the guys a super star in the makings, both the team and the fans deserve the best they’ve got.

The lines looked the same, I wouldn’t mind seeing more Vermette and less Shaw getting hosed in the dot, that could move Shaw to wing and do whatever with that pile of Bickell, just don’t play him.

Saad- Toews- Hossa

Steeg- Richards- Kane

Bickell- Shaw- Sharp

Nordstrom- Krueger-Tevo

Keith- Rotzsival

Seabs- Timmonen


Empty garbage can in place of goalie

The game started out in what is unfortunately becoming familiar fashion in this series, Hawks take a penalty and Colin Wilson scores. Wilson’s goal came early at 2:47 and was a pretty nice top shelf wrister.

Not much happened for a few minutes after the first goal, a lot of neutral zone play, going into the first TV timeout both teams looked rather unimpressive.

At 16:13 the Hawks evened up the score on a really nice backhand to forehand move by Sharp beating Rinne high on his once unbeatable glove side. The Hawks were all over the Preds prior to the Sharp goal, things are at this point looking pretty good. This didn’t last, one man wrecking crew Roman Josi after being stopped on 3 point blank shots, by Crawford, Josi fired in a slapper with 3 seconds remaining in the first, sucks, but it gets worse.

Oh, and there was a Shaw and Bickell fueled melee to end the first. Enough Bickell please.

2nd: Three and a half minutes into the 2nd Paul Gaustad gets called for essentially hitting Rozsival too hard, kind of an NFL call, the Hawks get a 4 minute double minor. Not much comes of this elongated penalty, though Sharp does put a screamer off the top pipe 3 minutes into it

Let the bodies hit the floor; after wiping out most of the Preds players on the ice, somehow Kane gets left wide open and beats Rinne, again Rinne’s beaten on his once invincible glove side. The Kane goal rhymed with loft. Rinne, will not win this series, mark my words on that. This series is the Hawks to lose.

I never root for an injury to occur, however, there are instances when finding out that one had occurred doesn’t really make me feel how do I say it, bad? This is one of those instances; word is Weber’s not on the bench after the bodies pulled themselves back off the ice after the Kane goal. This is confirmed, big bad Weber stubbed his toe or something on a harmless looking collision with Saad. In reality and fairness, Weber had missed a majority of the last 20 games of the regular season and this was likely a complication from that. Now, I don’t put myself above hoping an injury lingers, and I wouldn’t mind seeing this one linger on a bit.

Right on cue the Pred’s score to make it a 3-2 game, as if saying Shea who? Popeye Jr makes an ill-advised slash all of :10 later as if daring the Hawks to get back in the game, the Hawks do not accept his challenge, and in fact an incidental contact call for a no goal saved the inevitability of a Hawks loss until the 3rd.

3rd period: The announcers stated that Nashville had gone down another dman when bum player Travis Beck took a slapper off the ankle. While yes, a bum, no Beck is not a defender and the Preds are still rolling 5 of those.

No need to get into the rest of this game. It went something like this, everybody and their sister got their first ever playoff goal against Crawford and the Hawks got embarrassed. There’s a good joke somewhere in that, something along the lines of Crawford a hooker and first goals a young man’s first roll in the hay, but f it, I don’t even feel like it, use your imagination, put one in the comment section, I promise I’ll read it.


That sucked.

Back to the UC on Sunday.

I’m legitimately curious to see the Saturday presser with Q. Generally speaking I think press conferences with athletes/coaches are just about the biggest waste of anything, but I want to hear how quickly Q gets asked about Darling (my guess it won’t even need seconds to be counted) and how he presents his answer.

It’s gotta be Darling, there just isn’t the luxury of time to let Crawford figure it out.

At least Crow didn’t go behind the net and make some patented moron move directly leading to a goal in this game, just didn’t do anything particularly well, aside from the series of saves on Josi in the first.

Bryan Bickell essentially = Nick Leddy, what a shame that pile of hot garbage had to pull a great playoffs out of his useless ass in the 13 cup run.

That Roman Josi is one hell of a player, very Leddyish.


Michael Calvert

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  1. Great stuff Vert…as usual. There must be a VERY short leash on Crow at home! Ease up on Bickell…I got a feeling you will be forced to sing his praises at least a couple times before we raise that cup again…

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