Jan 192011

Those who subscribe, or regularly purchase The Committed Indian may recall last week Sam Fels mention the Blackhawks record when Brian Campbell leads the team in ice time.  Since we’ve been doing a bunch of statistical analysis of late, we decided to look up the exact numbers across the board.  Sam mentioned Campbell’s exact number in Wednesday’s Indian, but here we have everything and in some detail.

A few of you may have seen the original post for this last Wednesday before our site upgrade and software updates went awry and we went down for approximately 45 hours.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed we did lose just about everything.  But anyway… Continue reading »

Dec 292010

Ask Brian Campbell.  Big money typically results in double the scrutiny.

We made the point last season once Duncan Keith signed his 13-year $72 million contract extension, in turn making Keith the highest-paid player in the history of the organization.  Sometimes the scrutiny is unfair or unjust.  But nitpicking the performance of athletes is a scene hardly unique to a specific sport or era.  High ticket prices and the public’s knowledge of player salaries have intensified this though. Continue reading »