Sep 192011

Returning invites went out last night to everyone who participated in either of our fantasy hockey league’s last season.  If you were in one of our leagues last year and did not receive the email invite, please notify me immediately to secure your spot.

I expect several openings, so if you’re interested in joining and managing your own team against myself and other TTMI readers/listeners – act fast.

I’m required to tell you these are not money pools, our leagues are for fun only.  We run on the Yahoo! NHL Fantasy format which has proven reliable and easy to navigate.  We’re running live interactive drafts on Monday night, October 3.

So, if you want to join, shoot me an email at the address listed below and I’ll get you the info to sign up.  It’s a fun, supplemental way to track the league during the season.  And you’ll probably whip my ass.  So there you go….